Carpet Cleaning

SACCAS are highly conscious of the environment and are utilising green solutions and practices for all cleaning operations, including: extraction, low moisture and encapsulation cleaning.

We offer specialist professional carpet cleaning services to residential and business customers alike.

We use some of the most powerful and state of the art cleaning equipment available today. Surpassing hire and DIY equipment available, producing guaranteed results.

Carpets are expertly and lovingly deep cleaned and sanitised, removing the build-up of bacteria, germs, grit, and grime and leave your carpets clean, hygienic and healthy again.

Carpet 7-point process

1. Free Survey

This is carried out on all carpets that will be potentially cleaned. This is for fibre identification, to check for existing damage, potential problems and in some cases, cleaning limitations. The results will be fully discussed with the customer before any work is carried out.

2. Pre-Clean Vacuuming

Around 80-85% of soiling in carpets is dry particulate dust/grit type soiling. The first important stage of all cleaning processes is to remove as much dry soiling as possible before wetting the carpet. All carpets are pre-vacuumed with a heavy-duty commercial grade vacuum cleaner.

3. Spotting & Pre-Spray

Some carpets may have spots and stains that need separate attention before the carpet is pre-sprayed. After these have been treated the carpet will be pre-sprayed with a product appropriate to the soiling and fibre type.

4. Agitation

Done by a machine, this is used to open the carpet pile and works the cleaning solution into the carpet fibres allowing it to work on the deeper down soils and preparing the carpet for rinse extraction. Agitation is a very important part of the cleaning process and commonly skipped by some cleaning companies.

5. Rinse extraction

Fresh water is jetted into the carpet at over 250 PSI. The extraction wand then passes over the carpets extracting the water, eco-solution and soiling out of your carpets into our cleaning system. This leaves your carpets smelling fresh, clean and free from any cleaning solutions.

6. Drying

Our extraction equipment will typically leave your carpets touch dry within a few hours, but as part of the service and for extra convenience, we use our air movers which will help dry the carpets fast if required.

7. Final groom and run through

Carpets are groomed if required and then we’ll run through the finishing details and ask you to check your happy and then it’s time to say goodbye.


Office: 01726 76704  |  Steve: 07970 327 800  | Jeremy: 07807 755 281


Office: 01726 76704
Steve: 07970 327 800
Jeremy: 07807 755 281

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