Be aware of Hire Machines

DIY carpet cleaning is an idea you may have had before. Why not you say after all the many adverts around offering professional machines at cheap prices or low hire prices with great results. GREAT you say, professional results and I’m saving money too!

Well after getting your machine home and spending all day emptying, filling it up and slogging away, you step back at the end to look at the amazing results, right? The honest answer is probably not. So, after a long day’s slog, why are the results not what I expected well….and ignore this at your peril.


The machinery

Household cleaners and hire machines are small and that’s so that they can be easily lifted, stored away and moved around, being small also means their limited-on power, but hold on here aren’t all cleaning machines the same?” Yes, but there’s a MASSIVE difference between machines, all giving different results.

Basically, the bigger the machine, the heavier it gets due to bigger vacuums and pumps. As power increases the machines get bigger. The more VACUUM and PRESSURE you have the carpets will be cleaner, brighter and drier.

So, in essence, you need to try and ignore all the amazing sales literature that come with these smaller machines and realise that it essentially impossible to achieve the same results as the machines used by professional cleaners or else why would we not use them? Some cleaning companies (not all, unfortunately) invest heavily in the latest highest spec equipment available. This is for one purpose only, to give their customers the best possible cleaning experience.

If you are unfortunate enough to drop or spill something on your carpet your first reaction is normally to grab the nearest cloth to wipe it up. After this, some may decide to reach for an under the kitchen sink household cleaner. These cleaners are marketed in our supermarkets as all-in-one cleaners or stain removal cleaners for carpets.

Unfortunately, these products aren’t magic in a can. Some may contain harsh chemicals which could actually lock the stain in the carpet, potentially ruining it.

Professional cleaners stay well clear of these sorts of products. We see on a regular basis the damage these wonder products cause, In fact these machines actually provide us with regular amount of rectification works.


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