Coronavirus – Safety First and Secure Working Practices

In these unprecedented times, inviting trades into your home, which not so long ago was simple now seems challenging. We decided to research what was required and put in place our Coronavirus Reassurance Promise.

Taking increased precautions moving forward. This is for your reassurance and confirmation that we are taking things seriously, for your health and our own.

Here is our promise:

  • Any equipment we bring into customers home in contact with soft furnishings is sanitised prior to each job.
  • Steve and Jeremy are infection control trained and wear appropriate PPE where needed.
  • We’ll be observing the 2 metre distance at all times, if you wish and you’re welcome to stay in another part of the home until we have finished.
  • Any touch points we use, we will disinfect for you.
  • All soft furnishings are Pre and Post-Treated with a sanitiser killing 99.99% of bacteria and germs.
  • Please don’t be offended if we turn down biscuits and a cup of tea. Don’t worry we will make up for it next time.
  • We will be encouraging card or BACS payments.

What about the actual virus itself, how can we help with cleaning your property to leave you reassured your carpets and upholstery are deep cleaned and left hygienic and sanitised.

We all need to survive and earn an income, so we work extremely hard to provide a safe environment both for ourselves and for our customers.

It seems there is a lack of real information or some very misleading information, however this is not our approach.

Firstly, we would ascertain how long ago a person infected may have attended the premises/property.

Based on known facts and current information (W.H.O) if you know the life-cycle of the virus on surface transmission you’ll then be better able to provide assistance to yourselves based on the following:

WHO (The World Health Organisation) information states the Covid-19 virus can survive on plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours, less than 4 hours on copper and less than 24 on cardboard and fabric. It can be cleaned with most common household products.

All services can be undertaken if we follow some very basic rules; social distancing and taking correct precautions by carrying out a simple risk assessment.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that is going to go away, we all need to learn to manage and move forwards with.

A combination of our services is possibly the one of the best ways to alleviate the concerns or likelihood of contracting or spreading virus, providing its approached in the correct way.

Due to the above approach and forward thinking, SACCAS now include Decontamination, Sanitisation and Sterilisation as one of our core services, ‘Protect’

STANDARD Working Practices for DeconAS Services below:

  • Wear the correct mask, gloves, shoe covers etc. (PPE).
  • Using our hand sanitisaFH with a lasting effect of up to 8 hours protection time.
  • Social distancing, i.e., customer is either not present which could mean; out walking or being in a different room or outside etc. or adhering to PPE guidelines.
  • Leave extraction machines outside – exhausting particles of dirty air into the house is not a good idea.
  • Opening windows to allow for clean air movement.
  • Treating the area with our specially formulated VirusSP on arrival prior to commencing any work and allowing a reasonable contact time.
  • Disinfecting hoses and wand, wiping of door handles and or any surfaces that you may use, again with VirusSP.
  • When finished disinfect hoses, tools and machine.
  • The correct removal and storage of non-reusable PPE.
  • The correct safe storage of reusable PPE.


Office: 01726 76704  |  Steve: 07970 327 800  | Jeremy: 07807 755 281


Office: 01726 76704
Steve: 07970 327 800
Jeremy: 07807 755 281

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